ShiYe advantage

Brand integrity and service excellence or innovation strategy

Service strategy: quality service, everywhere

Quality Network: Customer Service Center in Shanghai to rival powers, formed a radiation national urban services and marketing network.

Professionals: Shi Ye in Shanghai configure customer service hotline and customer service specialists and digitization project to install a number of professional and technical personnel to provide fast service.

Full service:

Before-sale: Free CAD simulation design, professional construction consulting improvement programs.

Sales: ease delivery quality assurance and secure storage and distribution even if accurate installation delivery.

After-Sale: regular telephone interviews, warm holiday greeting cards, comprehensive maintenance.

Five-year warranty: Shi Ye Shi Ye committed to the sale of all products, such as within the warranty period of five years, under normal use customers, who belong to the company's quality problems are provided free maintenance service.

Value-added services: full cleaning service after installation. According to customer requirements, provide products refurbishment and disassembly services. More than the product warranty period, all belong to product quality issues, in addition to labor and materials, are entitled to free lifetime maintenance.