Dealers To Join Conditions


Shanghai shiye Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. to expand the sales network, to better serve customers nationwide, especially now for the National Recruitment agents joined.
One, Shiye distributors to join conditions:
1, must possess the entrepreneurial enthusiasm and consciousness of modern marketing, with strong ability of market development and operation.
2, must have legal or natural person legal business license.
3, we must identify the poem Ye company business philosophy, business management, voluntary compliance with the provisions of the supervision and guidance, the commitment to abide by the rules and regulations of market operation.
4, there must be corresponding with investment capital strength and good credit standing. Willing to put into "the development of the cause of the poem Ye medical furniture".


Two, Siye distributors to join rights:
1, product management: the right to enjoy the right to operate the regional "shiye" products.
2, the right to the use of a unified brand image: free use of the company's.


Three, the dealer maintenance and support
1, the market guarantee: huge market capacity, rapid growth.
2, brand guarantee: Siye brand, first-class quality, brand value annually.
3, security products: the exclusive ownership, the monopoly of the market, the lowest price.

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