A healthy life

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Shiye medical furniture reminds you: go to bed on time, every morning to open the window ventilation, breathing fresh air, less oil and salt to make you more healthy; Qin activities, diligence exercise, cervical breakfast as rich, Chinese civilians, and dinner like a beggar, these are also very healthy practices;

Of course

1, smoking, drinking;
2, night life is too much;
3, every day to evening;
4, eat meat, pasta;
5, drink less;
6, drink over three glasses a day Coffee;
7, high sugar, high calorie food to eat too much


Shanghai shiye medical furniture to remind you: the dry season need to drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, such as moistening lung Huatan Zhike function with pear, grapefruit. And want to tea with ginger, brown sugar water can be warm and eat white turnip, these are a healthy living tips.
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